TTC after 2 miscarriages – by: Gladysnicole

Hie ladies I have been TTC for 3 years. I had 2 early miscarriages in the first two years then I decided to take a one year break.Now I’m back on the wagon again…a bit scared.Looking for advice on affordable gynaecologists and fertility specialist as we have decided to both go for tests.Thank you in advance and baby dust to you all.

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Iui cost at tygerberg – by: Lathitha

Hi,I’m scheduled for an iui at Tygerberg hospital. Wanted to know if anyone went there and how much did u pay, I know its different for everyone bt I just want to prepare myself and did you get ur Bfp?
Thank you.

Destinatus Skool (Protea Hoogte, Brackenfell) – by: Moomie Moderator

‘n Vragies van een van ons Moomie members.

Het enige mammas kinders by Destinatus?
Ek wil net graag terugvoering hê oor die skool en of jul gelukkig is.

Die vraag is op ons Facebook Page ook. Hier is die link:

Knock…knock – by: Mamokete

Good morning ladies,

I’m Mamokete (MK) in short…I am 7 weeks pregnant with our 4th baby (hopefully a girl). I am going for the first scan on the 2nd of August…can’t wait to see our little bunch of joy. I am so excited to be part of this group and i know our journey together will be much more fun than me alone.

Cheers :heart:

Moving Schools – 3 Year Old – by: DadZing

Hi All,

So I am considering moving my child because I have concerns with her current teacher and think, it could actually be a school issue.

I have found a new school, but am concerned I am hurting \ damaging my daughter (3) because she will now leave her friends.
She is a busy little girl, but the teacher tells us she does not listen. We believe it’s a personality issues as none of her other teachers have an issue with her.
The other concern is that we often collect her and she is watching TV, because the teacher is tired.

Has anyone moved a young child and had issues?

Due March 2018 – by: pillpusher

I just got the BFP this morning…

According to LMP I’d be due in March 2018 and am just over 6 weeks now.

Feeling somewhere between excited, relieved and anxious. Relieved because I thought I had pregnancy symptoms, but they so closely mimic PMS that I wasn’t sure and after trying for almost a year before I had my daughter, I didn’t think it was likely.

So tomorrow will be calling my doctor and organising blood tests.

Any other mommies know that they’re due then yet?

Your pregnancy journey – by: Moomie Moderator

Hi Ladies.

Who would like to share their pregnancy journey with us?

Send a email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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In subject: Pregnancy Journey

– How many weeks you are pregnant.

And then I’ll send you some questions.

We would love to hear your story.