Newborn babies for private adoption ASAP – by: lkarasin

I plan to raise a child one day. And I know I will do an amazing job. But when I was making my adoption plan, the only thing I have to offer my daughter was my love. And guess what?
I’m also well aware that you can be broke and single while also being an incredible mother. Some of the best mothers I’ve ever known fall into that category. But when I was pregnant, there was no equation I could come up with where my daughter would be better off with me. So I am doing what I felt is best for her. And the research out there suggests that children who grow up in adoptions feel pretty good about the whole situation. So if you think I’m selfish, evil, or callous for placing my daughter with a couple of my dreams its your business. Statistically, my girl’s gonna be just fine.
In the past months since I decided to placed my daughter for adoption, I’ve already guilt-tripped myself better than anyone else ever could. I’ve already done the thing where I tell myself that I’m a self-serving pile of dog crap. And then I stopped, because my daughter’s life is everything I ever wanted for her. If you think I’m a bad mom because I am relinquishing my child, I urge you to examine why you feel that way. Is it because you think that no one can love each other the way biologically related humans do? Is it because you think it’s unconscionable for me to have any priorities besides raising my daughter? Is it because your definition of family lacks a few gorgeous permutations?
Whatever the reason, honestly, I don’t care. I don’t care what you think of my family or why you think it. I am deeply proud to be a birth mother. I’m proud that I am putting my daughter’s happiness first.

You know what saying goodbye to a baby you carried for 9 months is like? It’s like being inserted into a vise that’s forcing out every single tear that lives in your body. It’s like having your gut crushed without warning. It’s like having a piece of your body torn off and carried out of the room. You only subject yourself to that kind of pain when you really, really, really love your kid.

If you are seriously seeking to adopt , please contact me directly:


Change of Gynaes in 2nd Pregnancy – by: eznolt

Hi Ladies,

I had my first born at Femina with Dr MC van Aardt via C-section (bridge baby) and my husband and I adored him.

I am now 7 weeks pregnant with my 2nd after TTC for 15 months, Dr van Aardt informed me that he no longer does any births and he has referred me to Dr Marais at Femina. I will have the 2nd one with a C-section as well.

Anyone with some positive feedback about Dr Marais? I will visit him for the first time at my 12 week check-up. Really nervous about changing gynaes.

Thank you!

Staminogro – by: Annabelle

Hi All,

I don’t know if there is another thread that talks about Staminogro but I wanted to share my journey with it and possibly this could help other couples out there.

My husband and I were trying for a while to fall pregnant with baby #2, before I went off the pill, I went onto Pregnavit M for 3 months to get my body ready. I continued with the Pregnavit M even after stopping the pill. I think this played a great part in getting my body ready for a baby, also per Gynae’s instructions.

I think what made quite the difference, and it came from a colleague of mine at the time was to use Staminogro.
Usually it is just the man that uses it but the assistant at Dischem that we chatted to advised that both my husband and I use it.
We both felt noticeable changes but the biggest change for me was the amount of EWCM (Egg White Cervical Mucus – the mucus your body produces when you are ovulating to help the sperm to the egg).
I remember thinking that I did not have this much before Staminogro.

We fell pregnant that month, it was a huge surprise as I did not expect it would happen that quickly when using Staminogro.
I cannot say 100% that it was the Staminogro but I wanted to share my experience with it and hopefully it will help other mommies out there.

Good Luck Ladies
Sending lots of Baby Dust xxx