2 week wait – by: meagankittycat@gmail.com

Hi ladies
I am a patient of Dr Thabo Matasend at tygerberg hospital . I am now in the dreaded 2 week wait after the transfer . He transfered two 5 day blastocast . I had very bad cramps on day 2 and 3 after that its day 4 now and no pain . I am driving myself crazy please someone talk to me about this.

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Do you have to go back to work? – by: Moomie Moderator

It killed me when I had to leave my three-month-old baby at creche to go back to work. Do you have to go back to work?

We’d like to talk to some moms on how it feels to go back to work, where did/do you leave your baby and how does it make you feel?

Or did you give up a job you loved because you wanted to be a stay-at-home mom? Can you even afford it in today’s day and age?

Dr Deon van Zyl – by: Shaneel

Hi everyone,

My husband and I have very recently decided to start trying for a baby. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 2 years ago, so I know it is not going to be easy.

I was not too happy with my previous gynae and made an appointment with Dr Deon van Zyl at Panorama Mediclinic based on a friends recommendation.

I can’t seem to find any reviews on him, has anyone had any experience with Dr van Zyl?

Dr Milos sunninghill hospital – by: ani22

Please can you share your experiences with Dr D Milos gynaecologist at sunninghill hospital in Gauteng. My gynae has left the country and I am enquiring about new gynaes. My first son was born at Parklane hospital natural birth and so I also would like to know if Sunninghill hospital is good and similar private rooms?