Tight tummy especially late afternoon. – by: Charlee

Hi mommy’s.

I am a mommy to be, I’m 18 weeks along with my first child, I have been experiencing a tight tummy especially in the afternoons is this normal.


Hillcrest Private Hospital – by: Chanti

Hey ladies,

So I’m still fairly early on in my pregnancy, 11.5 weeks, however I’m quite eager to hear about any natural birthing experiences at Hillcrest private hospital. I have read of quite a few C-sections and the ladies are clearly very impressed but I haven’t read much about natural labour and using their water tubs,etc.

Any and all experiences are welcome to be shared :)


Antenatal care and giving birth in Pretoria – by: Viamommy

Hi everyone
I’m 22 weeks pregnant and would like to know how the system works here in Pretoria with regards to antenatal and giving birth.
I have been going to a private doctor( gynecologist) for my antenatal check ups, and I plan on giving birth at the government hospital.Do I need to go to a government clinic or can I continue with my doctor? Will the government hospital have an issue with it or not?
All your responses will be highly appreciated