I think my 4 year old is allergic to elastane – by: Laura

I think my 4 year old is allergic to elastane. For as long as I can remember she has had senstive skin. We wash all new clothes before she wears them in sunlight baby washing powder and we have banned sta soft in our house. I have even begun to buy her clothes a size bigger so that it does not sit too tight on her body. She breaks out into hives if I use sta soft or normal washing powder. And struggles with what I always thought was heat rash. But due to the cold weather, we live in the karoo, i have been dressing her in tights under her clothes. Twice now she has had an instant reaction to one of the pairs. On checking the label i saw it was 97% polyester 3% elastane. She doesnt seem to have any reaction to polyester clothing alone or the 97% cotton 3% elastane tights, but I cant say 100% as she almost always has a mild or healing rash on her tummy and back. I have decided to remove all her clothes that contain elastane, wait to see if it clears up and then try again. I assume if she reacts again I’ll know its definitely the elastane that she is allergic to. My problem is, is that there is very little information on the internet about this allergy and from the little I have found apparently manufactures don’t have to stipulate elastane if it is a small amount. So can I trust a label that says 100% cotton for example underwear, that clearly has elastic around the waste and leg holes? I have also read that if the material is a cotton polyester blend, it is likely to contain elastane in it too.
If anyone is dealing with anything like this please advise. Trying to find clothes is a nightmare, especially socks and underwear and even jeans.


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