How does the Panorama screening test work? – by: Moomie Moderator

During pregnancy, some of the DNA from the baby crosses into mom’s bloodstream. DNA is organized in structures known as chromosomes, which carry the baby’s genetic information. Natera™ has a laboratory test called Panorama™ that uses a blood sample from the mother that analyzes the baby’s DNA for certain chromosome conditions that could affect the baby’s health.
The Panorama screening test is a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT). This means that the Panorama test is safe for you and your baby. To have the test done, your doctor just draws a sample of blood from your arm. Fathers have the option of sending in a cheek swab sample with your blood. Including the father’s sample may improve the chance of obtaining results of the test in certain circumstances, but does not impact accuracy.


Author: Moomie Mothers

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